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Rebecca Smith


Empowering you

Your Journey starts today

RS Fitness will empower you to adopt better habits;
allowing you to take charge of your life.

My Passion

My passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible.

My Belief

My belief is that Personal Training should be an investment which enables someone to achieve results that are lasting.

My Aim

My aim is to educate you through your Personal Training journey; giving you the right tools to make the right decisions.


Private Studio

RS Fitness Studio is a private space that eliminates the intimidating environment found in gyms and health clubs.


1-2-1 training sessions are bespoke to individual personal goals and designed to fit around your lifestyle.

My Story

As a working parent with two young children, I empathise with the daily challenges life throws at us. Life experience is the greatest tool a Personal Trainer can have, understanding the stresses of a career, family time management and how the human body changes with age, babies and injuries is invaluable.


I've used fitness apps and online nutrition plans for years. However, I've never found something I have been able to committed too. Now, I finally feel like I have a clear understanding of food and how to make the right choices.


Rebecca's recipe book and nutrition guides have be a great support. For the first time I now cook one healthy meal for the whole family and avoid cooking 2-3 different meals to keep everyone happy!

Sarah Worn

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