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Group Training


Group Training Options

Group fitness helps to build lasting commitment due to the social integration it offers and its cost effectiveness.  


I offer group training for up to 6 people with like minded fitness goals.


Groups can be prearranged or arranged for you.

Buggy Fitness

Buggy Fitness is an opportunity for new mothers to exercise with other likeminded, new mums.


Sessions are relaxed to support new mothers; if you want to stop and feed your baby then that is great! No childcare is required as classes are designed for mother, baby and pram. 


As a qualified Pre and Post Natal Trainer, I will guide you through a workout designed to safely rebuild your body after childbirth.


Weekly: Friday's 14.15-15.10 

Check out the weekly timetable as some sessions have a “Stay & Play” option and I have a great coffee machine!


Family Fitness

"Only 11.4% of girls and 24.8% of boys in high school achieve the recommendations for daily physical activity".


Commit to a healthy lifestyle as a family. One hour of fun quality family time focusing on circuit-base exercises with a team emphasis.


I will encourage you to have a weekly fitness & nutrition goal as a family, making sure everyone works together.


"Families that play together, stay together". 

Lose & Shape

Group sessions tailored around weight loss and long-term weight management. My aim is to educate you through your course journey; giving you the right tools to make the right decisions and achieve results.

Sessions include:

  • 55 minute Group exercise session

  • Calories focused nutritional support

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Individual programmed activity

  • RS Fitness Recipe Book & Calorie Guide

You can pick your own group or I can help find one with likeminded people. Groups of 3-6 people will be able to split the cost of the session making fitness more affordable.



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